Yarn bowl for your wool

I love to knit. I really love to get all curled up in my favorite chair, sink down in and knit until something catastrophic happens, like I run out of yarn, I get hungry, I run out of wine, I get hungry, the animals need to be fed, or I get hungry, … you get the picture.

Enter the yarn bowl. I’ve gone through a few versions of the design, and have landed on a bowl with a hefty, solid base that will sit on the floor and not move around or tip over when the yarn is pulled while knitting or crocheting. These bowls are specially designed to keep venturing yarn balls in check so, a person for focus on the knitting or crocheting at hand. These bowls are also more than capable of holding yarn, needles and a project when the time comes to just stare off into space and ponder the simple pleasures of life, or go into the kitchen for a little snack …

Yarn bowl - Night Sky / Stone Cottage Pottery and Farm

Yarn bowl – Night Sky

To use: Simply place the yarn ball inside the bowl and slide the yarn through the slit on the side wall of the bowl. Set the bowl on the floor. Turn the bowl so the slit is facing away from you on one side, the yarn is sliding against the end of the slit as it is being fed to you as you knit.

Yarn bowl - Lupin / Stone Cottage Pottery and Farm

Yarn bowl – Lupin

When not in use, the yarn bowl makes an attractive storage bowl for yarn, needles, and projects in process.

Yarn Bowl holding yarn and needles / Stone Cottage Pottery and Farm

Yarn Bowl holding yarn and needles – Glacial Waters

These yarn bowls come in a variety of colors and sizes with options on the carving pattern.

The standard size bowl holds one skein from Lace to Aran weight yarn. Bulky yarns may not turn well in the standard size bowl until some portion of the ball is used. For Bulky weight yarns, a large size bowl might be the best choice. If doing color work, multiple bowls can be used. Multiple bowls also come in handy when plying homespun yarns!

These pots are made with non-toxic clay and glazes. They are made to be used and, with care, can last a lifetime. Please don’t shock the pots with drastic temperature changes, sudden impacts, metal utensils or harsh chemicals. Please consider pottery can scratch some surfaces. Dishwasher, refrigerator, and oven safe. Not recommended for freezer or stovetop … not that I think you’ll be putting your yarn bowl in the fridge, oven, freezer or on the stovetop 😉